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I spent the first official week of winter on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. I’m kind of fibbing when I say the first week of winter, because it was around 25 degrees each day with a balmy water temperature of 23 degrees, therefore aptly named the Sunshine Coast. It was a surprise holiday to celebrate my lovely mother’s 50th birthday, and there were plenty of surprises. First my mum didn’t know she was getting thrown on a plane, second I didn’t know my aunty had decided to join her, third my mum didn’t know my sister would be here too, and lastly she didn’t know we would be spending the week in Noosa! Phew! The anxiety nearly killed me.

Roadtripping with the girls is always fun, the conversations, singing, and treats is just out of control. We slowly made our way North and stopped at Mooloolaba to go to one of my favourite stores; Gypsy Stone, and then on to Coolum before making the last leg of the journey to Noosa. Not only is it a perfect time of year weather wise, Noosa wasn’t overcrowded so was incredibly easy to get seats at restaurants and a spot on the beach (which is almost impossible in the summer time). We stayed at a magical resort called ‘The Rise Noosa’ which made me feel like I was in Bali again with the stunning water features, the incredible pool and huge balconies with leafy surroundings all resulting in a whole new level of luxury. If you need a place to relax – this is definitely it.

Mooloolaba Palms

The Rise NoosaRelax ModeCoconutAunty and SisSipping on smoothies

Our days were spent rising with the sun and exploring the diverse nature Noosa has to offer. Little Cove is the gateway to Noosa National Park and where we ventured on our first outing. Unfortunately I forgot my camera but I was in such awe the images will be in my memory bank forever –sparkly clear turquoise water that meets the lush green forest with golden sand in between. Perfect little logging waves rolled through and I spent a couple of hours each day taking advantage of the friendly crowds, small waves and warm water. It really doesn’t get any better.

We ventured inland to a small place called Eumundi to visit the well known markets. Fresh pineapples, flavoured fudge, henna tattoos, and boho dresses = a day well spent. Not to mention lunch at one of the cutest cafes I have ever been to. Bohemian Bungalow – it’s an absolute must. With John Lennon quotes painted on the walls, mis-matched furniture and cutlery, delicious chai lattes and incredibly friendly staff it was an overload to the senses.

Family Eumundi Markets Fresh pineapples

Henna Tattoos Bohemian BungalowCafe decor Coffee shot Chai latte

Our nights were spent nibbling on cheese and crackers, sipping on wine and refreshing Coronas before heading out to try one of the many restaurants on Hastings street. Miss Money Penny’s does a delicious cocktail with some pretty unusual concoctions including one with fairy floss on top! Hasting’s street is so beautiful at night time, every single tree is sprinkled with fairy lights – it’s like some kind of wonderland! We also went on a sunset cruise which was pretty spectacular, only $20 for an hour boat ride to watch the sun drop down below the bushland, champagne in hand while pretending you lived in one of the mansions dotted along the water’s edge.

Nibbles Fairy light gazing Cocktails 9Noosa housesSpectacular SunsetsNoosa you will always be in my heart and I promise to come and enjoy more of you as soon as I can.

Family, sunshine and happy times.


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