Tropical Paw Paw Boats~~

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I created this recipe for the Billabong Womens Australia blog and thought it was too pretty not to share on my own.

Sunscreen and sandy skin, refreshing watermelon dripping down your chin, surfboard wax melting in your car, summer cocktails at the bar, sleeping without sheets and BBQs at the beach. The best part; an abundance of tropical fruit, in season and seriously cheap. You can almost smell summertime in the air…

For a nutritious and extremely easy breakfast or mid arvo snack we always turn to fruit. And these are our new favourite things! Tropical Paw Paw boats not only look pretty, but the paw paw is a powerhouse of antioxidants, Vitamins C and A, along with fibre and healthy plant compounds..Definitely enough reason to add this to your summer menu.

You will need:

Paw paw

X1 Packet of Frozen Acai

X1 Frozen banana

X1 cup Coconut Water


Shredded coconut



Chia seeds

Slivered almonds


Simply halve your paw paw straight down the middle and scoop out the black seeds

Paw Paw

Paw Paw

Add the frozen banana, acai and coconut water to your blender and blitz until thick but smooth. More or less coconut water will determine thickness and texture.

Acai in paw paw

Top with any or ALL of your favourite fruits, nuts and seeds.

Final paw paw

It is so versatile you can add whatever you feel like at the time, or whatever you have in the fridge and pantry. Other alternatives are:

Coconut Yoghurt


Pitaya smoothie



Dried cranberries/goji berries


Have fun getting creative with your toppings!



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