Gluten-free Ginger Slice ~~

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I had to share this as my first recipe post, not only because it was the last thing I baked, but also because it just happens to be so damn delicious! It is from one of my favourite cooks, and she just happens to be Kiwi (bonus points). Chelsea Winter is a family favourite in our household, my sister and mum are always sending me photos of their latest Chelsea creations. She has such a warm, fun and fresh approach to food and uses everyday ingredients to make it super easy to attempt any of her recipes.


I’m not gluten-free nor suffer from coeliac disease but I wanted to make this so my best friend could enjoy it with me over cups of tea, as she has a gluten intolerance. I do have a nut allergy which has left me avoiding all types of nuts for most of my life. I felt like I was missing out on a lot including snacks, delicious baking and the nutrients the amazing nut has to offer so I decided to start trying other nuts to see if I reacted in any way (please note I am allergic to peanuts so did not attempt to eat these). Almonds were my first port of call; yay it turns out I can actually eat them and I now know why everyone gets so excited about scorched almonds in their Christmas stockings. This slice was the next experiment; with cashews. It turns out I can also eat these too. Hip Hooray! Either I have grown out of the majority of my nut allergy, or I was never allergic to these and I just chose to discard all types of nuts in fear.

The slice packs a delicious ginger punch as it is mixed through the base and the icing. I have an incredible sweet tooth so found it hard to stop at just one piece! Click here for the full recipe, or here for the non-gluten-free version. Bon appetite


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