A Day in Kingscliff ~~

By Sunday, April 13, 2014 0

Weekend adventures are the best – driving out of your bubble to a place you have never been is an orgasm to the senses. My best buddy and I packed up the car with our skateboards, surfboards, a chilly bin full of goodies, camera and go pros, bikinis and beach blankets and headed to a little place called Kingscliff which is a quaint coastal town on the very Northern tip of NSW.

There is a very long path that runs along the beach which seemed perfect for a cruisey skate session, until we found out the hard way that the cracks in between the pavements were far too wide and caused a few too many bails. After aborting that mission we found deserted streets of tar-seal which we spent far too long swerving and carving on and ended up with burnt feet. I don’t consider myself a good skater by any means – my board is almost the length of a yacht so it’s probably not even considered skating, more like sailing. And that’s fine with me because its fun and I like to do things for the love of it. Grazed knees take me back to my child hood and I try to draw on the fearlessness I used to have as a young one, usually unsuccessfully.

After a picnic on the beach and a quick surf we packed up and headed into the village for a fresh juice and a wander around the cute little boutique stores. There are always such treasures to be found in places like Kingscliff.

It was a great day-cation!


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